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Happy Independence Day and Investiture Ceremony Celebrations @ Edify World School Balapur

Greetings from Edify for our much cherished national festival!! A colorful and vibrant young nation has just emerged, storming on the world stage as one sovereign, secular and pluralistic nation having the most colorful flowers from all world religions entwined in to a beautiful bouquet called India. And we spread the fragrance of universal brotherhood and cooperation across all countries of the world.

We are indeed blessed that we are making waves in the fore-fronts as our nation has bridged up all gaps of narrow religious divides and phoenix-ed up more united, integrated as single Constitutional entity from the far north of Kashmir Glaciers to the swarming feet of Kanyakumari Sea.

Our dreams of uniting our brothers and sisters of Jammu and Kashmir into the mainstream after the removal of Article 370 and 35A have been applauded by all world leaders today. We are the world’s largest Democracy run under a single constitution and that is our Indian Constitution. This unification is indeed a marvelous feat achieved and will be cherished forever. Let’s work towards strengthening it further, shaping it even better to accommodate all diversities, different and unique. After all, we have covered a long distance in time from being Hindustanis to Progressive Baharatiya / Indians of today. Does it need a mention? We breath inclusiveness and collaboration.

Edify wishes all its parental community a very happy Independence Day in advance. As we celebrate the 73rd day of sovereignty as one group of independent people who refused to bow down to slavery and colonial supremacy, we chose development and progress as our characterizing feature and our best identification mark. Now we are marching strong with a team of young leaders in the scientific and research field to give the world, the best of Scientists, Engineers, Lawyers and Entrepreneurs. They are getting prepared and nourished to contribute better to the future, with their disruptive innovations and creative ideas. In no time, expect the face of the world to change. Edify is committed to this mission to deliver the best in all possible measures to gift the country the best of its citizens in all work-forces, creative and innovative. India is going to be the most sought after destination for all possible solutions… and that is not very far.

You surely want to meet our young team – leaders whom we nurtured and now feel that they are fit enough to shoulder the assigned responsibilities to refine the mettle in them and see what skilled and seasoned Leaders they have turned out to be. We are equally excited to introduce you to our young brigade of Junior and Senior Council Members, on Thursday, 15th August’ 2019 after the Investiture Ceremony which will culminate in the formulation of the Student Council. I am sure you would like to witness the Oath Taking Ceremony and applaud for their achievements which have been recognized in entrusting with this new role in governing the school henceforth.

So, treat this note as a Personal Invite to grace the occasion and witness the spectacular event on Thursday, 15th of August @ School Sports Complex. Program commences around 8:45 AM and runs through Flag Hoisting, Investiture Ceremony and Cultural Performance.

“The love for our nation doesn’t run in our words or songs of praise, but flows through our veins as our life line – blood. And no blood has been redder than the one which was spilled on the dust guarding the frontiers and stained the Tri-Colour brown.

Let us preserve the sacrifices made by our martyrs’ safe in our hearts, for them; this morning was just an unrealized dream which they saw with their eyes open. Let us promise this day to gift our children a better India, a tolerant and forward marching India….

My best wishes and appreciations to you !

Jai Hind – Jai Bharat !!

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