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Rakshabandhan Brother Sister love Thread of Happiness and Trust

Rakshabandhan Brother Sister love Thread of Happiness and Trust


The threads that tie the hearts together into eternal love and affection are the same relationship goals which give birth right to a sister to seek protection from her brother in the hour of need. And a brother cannot ignore his sibling duty to protect his sister against all odds. It’s an age-defying promise from her brother that any adversity has to face him first before reaching out to his sister.


Come August! We welcome a unique festival of brotherly and sisterly love, of trust and faith, of promises and its upkeep, of care and share and lots more.


Rakshabandhan is an Indian festival which has its roots since the Mughal period of Humayun and Karnavati. Karnavati, the warrior queen sent a simple thread to the Mughal king seeking his protection as the sister having faith in the Rakhi-Thread for protecting her kingdom from her enemies.


The king too reciprocated sending his troops to defend his sister’s wishes but as fate had miseries up in its sleeves, Karnavati was martyred in a fierceful battle before the arrival of the troops.


But the Rakhi till date remains as the eternal symbol of sibling love which can move mountains up in the air.


Edify Celebrated the beautiful festival showcasing brother-sister love when our young children made some adorable Rakhis and tied up on the wrists of their brothers by choice, thus promising of helping and protecting them against all difficulties as real brothers in arms.

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