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Buttoning Activity- IK2 Fine Motor Skills

##Buttoning Activity# IK2# Fine Motor Skills

Recently IK2 had a special activity on Buttoning and Un-buttoning….. to incorporate the self independent skills among them. These activities refine their fine motor skills thus making them more independent and self driven. The activity provided a fun learning environment for kids to experiment and exercise their small tiny muscles bringing it to a sound perfection. The hand eye coordination improved a lot….

Sometimes the simplest activities like buttoning in the busy mayhem hours of the morning while getting ready for school becomes cumbersome for mothers. They tend to get irritated on small kids when they take time to get ready for school or some function….Morning hours are rush hours for all office goer parents…..

So, to make school goers independent in their approach they need to be self driven and self dependent. The little ones enjoy such activities and turn out to be smart kids.

Lets see what they learnt in this activity…

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