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Hindi Saptah Samapan Diwas Samaroh

Hindi Saptah  Samapan Diwas Samaroh

Hindi is just not a language but an age old history of our cultural and ethnic diversity. The language has a rich vocabulary of words taken from the Turkish, Persian and Sanskrit Languages.

It speaks of the foreign influence on Indian soil and how the life styles have changed impacting the Socio-economic fabric of India over the last millennia.

Govt of India took up a decision to make Hindi as the National Language and country seemed to be divided on Regional and Linguistic influences. We are aware that the Indian subcontinent has more than 625 Languages spoken and preserved till date…

But over the last few decades Hindi has emerged as the second largest spoken language very much close to Mandarin and also has emerged as the biggest unifying factor for the entire nation, in getting a special place for India. The day the then PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee addressed the General Assembly in Hindi, the world knew the voice of the world’s largest and strongest Democracy. The largest film Industry of the world Bollywood which produces 3000 plus films annually has established hindi in the far western countries of Afghanistan, Turkey and Russia.

Young Edifiers must know how to preserve the National Treasure and yet emerge tolerant and acceptable to the world Languages.

They are truly turning Cosmopolitan in their approach and breaking boundaries. They are learning many Languages at the same time for instance French, Sanskrit, Arabic etc.

Few Glimpses of Hindi Diwas !!

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