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Parent Testimonials

Hello Principal madam,

I’m writing to let you know of my first impressions of school from the orientation we had on Friday, the 1st of April. Firstly, I thank you for making us part of Edify family and  I’d like to take this opportunity to appreciate the efforts you’ve taken in helping us understanding the various programs the school has to offer to the children and their families.  My most favorite part of the orientation was how you encouraged teachers to help us understand what the school has to offer with the vast experience each teacher carry behind them. We as parents felt wonderful when language teachers spoke in their respective language. This is something I haven’t seen in a while. Your speech was so rejuvenating, I had to come onto dais to have a say. I’m someone who even today has stage fear, but I gathered all the energy from your speech and said a few words, which I am so proud of.

Secondly, I’d also like to apologize for discussing the tuition fee issue with you (principal), which I think was not fair on my part. I only wanted to bring it to your notice as it was never communicated with us.

I’d also like to appreciate Krishna and Manasvini madam’s efforts in helping us understanding the school protocol.

Lastly, I thank you again and we are super excited for our child’s learning journey with Edify.

Lessons learnt from the orientation:
1. Celebrate your child and expect miracles
2. Importance of languages
3. Activity based learning

Thank you