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# SOF # IEO # NATIONAL Level Comp.

SOF (IEO) Exam

# SOF # IEO # NATIONAL Level Comp.

Science Olympiad Foundation conducted a national level English Language Olympiad for Grades 1 to 8. The idea behind conducting such examinations was to check for the language proficiency of all students in their acquired skills in a foreign language particularly in Reading and Writing.

English though not native to India, but has taken over all other languages by storm and has emerged as the most common language in usage in the country.

It is no longer symbolic to the colonial past but now represents the modern Progressive Era crossing all cultural and linguistic boundaries and unifying the world linguistically at least…

IEO happens to be a standardized test for all English Lovers across the globe and our kids took the test with equal qualm.

We are waiting for the results with our fingers crossed….

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