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Principal Speak

Principal Speak

Dipti Joshna

Dipti Joshna – PRINCIPAL

E-MAIL – principal@ewsbalapur.com

The Science and Arts behind educating the younger generations, for them to develop into responsible citizens of tomorrow, involves 4 essential elements. These are: Freedom to evolve into distinct original true copies of oneself, Imbibing and keeping the universal Human Values intact for future generations to follow, Liberating education from the shackles of conformity and structural matrices… And most importantly, ensuring nature take its natural course, reducing manipulations of human mind and let Humanity alone, become the only accepted religion of the world.

Welcome to the futuristic school of thought, where education liberates the human mind out of the confinements of measured parameters, to breathe freedom in the realm of nuance and innovation.

I, welcome you to Edify Balapur, where innovation, integrity, independent thinking and individual growth have a deeper meaning than just being fanciful jargons.

The entire world unfurls in front of the child as he touches one chapter at a time, leaf after leaf, to discover and re- discover the laws of nature and learns to grow with this planet as one entity. School shoulders the responsibility to hand- hold every child’s journey of self exploration and individual learning. His ambitions are supported both within class room boundaries and beyond that too, as he prepares for his adult life. We encourage an atmosphere of friendship, collegiality and mutual respect whilst also retaining the love of competitiveness, which comes so naturally to children. An array of activities engages children in meaningful learning expeditions which grooms them into outstanding, progressive and wholesome personalities. Their communication skills are focused from an early age so as to encourage team spirit and open mindedness in them; this not only embarks an outward looking mentality, but also makes them “ out of box learners” and forward thinkers. A child takes on the path of life- long learning, invoking within a passion to learn and grow, embracing creativity and thinking critically at the same time.

Our philosophy has been very simple as we impart well grounded, ambitious education which seeks to imbue children with the four age old pillars of our ancient GURUKUL system: Cultural firmament, Responsibility, Curiosity and Endeavour. We are committed to the mission of making quality education affordable and accessible to talented young children irrespective of their cultural and ethnic backgrounds, with a special focus on Girl Education which is the need of the hour. Gender equality blends well with our mission to ingrain values and life skills in our children, which see India marching ahead of others as a progressive country in coming years and also being the trendsetters in providing equal opportunities to one and all.

While the thrust is on achieving Academic Excellence, we are also here to make learning more joyful and fun filled so that every child challenges his set limits and hones his latent talents, carving a happy and social human. Our role as mentors and guides to the new generation is like helping the butterfly come out of the cocoon after metamorphosis, so that its welcomed with open arms to a new garden of opportunities and engagements.

Thank you for sparing your time in reading this note and looking forward to meet you in person. Visit us any day convenient to you to see the magical world of children.

Dipti Joshna